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About The Formula Skin Lab: Your Sanctuary for Skin Transformation

Welcome to The Formula Skin Lab, where we blend science, expertise, and passion to create a skincare experience that's as unique as you are. Founded in 2015 by Stephanie J., a trailblazer in the beauty industry, we've evolved into a sanctuary that offers a full spectrum of skin-transforming services. From acne and blemish correction to anti-aging treatments, we specialize in elevating melanin-rich skin to its most radiant state.

Awards and Recognition: Where Excellence Meets Empathy

We're not just about treatments; we're about results and relationships. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us three consecutive awards and features in renowned publications like Perception Magazine, Vogue Magazine, ABC, CBS, and work with some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs including NBA star Kevin Durant and Amin Joseph of Snowfall! Stay tuned as we're soon to grace your TV screens, showcasing the best skin care practices for people of color.

Meet Stephanie J: Your Skin Bestie and Educator

Stephanie J. is not just the founder; she's your skin's best friend and educator. With years of experience and a focus on melanin skin correction, Stephanie is committed to filling the gap in quality skincare for diverse skin tones. She's an esthetics educator and a voice for an underserved community, ensuring that everyone has access to products and services that celebrate their unique beauty.

Our Team: Skilled Estheticians, Passionate Advocates

Our team of skilled estheticians shares Stephanie's vision and passion. We're here to guide you through your skincare journey, offering personalized treatments that align with your lifestyle and skin goals.

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