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Stephanie J. , Founder & CEO

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Stephanie J. envisioned a version of The Formula Skin Lab back in 2015, when she began her love for makeup artistry. After having a successful makeup career, she decided to take on the world of skincare in 2017,and hasn’t looked back ever since. After working in the beauty industry, and becoming anEsthetics Educator, Stephanie J. began to notice that there wasn’t much diversity and special care available for melanated skin tones and people of color, so she sought to break the mold and began respresenting an underserved community which has not only helped her patients to look and feel more beautful, but also boosted confidence, and she became an inspiration to many brown men and women hoping to build a successful business as she has. Today, the company operate as a multiple award-winning business featured in leading beauty magazines, films and soon to be on tv show showcasing the best in skincare for people of color.

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We offer a wide range of relaxing beautification services for African, Latin and Asian Americans at affordable prices for all.

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Expert Skincare For Your Beautiful Skin

At Formular Skin Lab, we help you gain the confidence you need through various beauty bar and spa services. We ensure that you get the most satisfying experience for any service you avail by guiding you through the process and keeping you comfortable at all times. Our services include:

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Each member of our team is certified licensed professional with experience in the field of beautification and dermatology. This is because hire only the most qualified individuals every time.


Professional Makeup Artist


Professional Makeup artist


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Acne Correction 3 months

Patient concerned with hormonal, moderate acne. We were able to combat it with, customized  Acne Facials, Peels, a change in her diet & exercise and skincare routine.

Acne Correction 3 months

Patient was concerned with hormonal, moderate acne. We were able to combat it with, customized Acne Facials, Peels, a change in her diet & exercise and skincare routine.

Acne Correction 2 months

Patient did online consultation and product recommendation for acne and blemishes. We combated both skin conditions with a strict facial routine.

FIrm & Lift Facial Instant Result

Patient received anti- aging facial with hydrating, firming and radiant result.

Blemish Correction 4 months

Patient had medium level blemish/hyper-pigmention concerns. We a series combated with custom facials and peels. Patient also practiced a good hom ecare facial routine daily

Gentleman's Facial Instant Result

Patient concern was dull skin. Overall clear skin. We combated with a gentleman’s facial to remove dead skin, ingrown hair, and blackheads. Instant hydration.

Acne /Blemish Correction 2 months

Patient concern was moderate acne and blemishes. We combated acne with customized acne facials and peels. Acne has cleared. Blemishes are in progress.

Hyperpigmentation Correction Session #2

Patient experienced hyper-pigmentation from topical prescription use from her dermatologist. We are currently combating hyper-pigmentation with a series of peels and customized home care.